Basic Guide to Online Advertisers

Guest post by former dLooker, Mande Crnjak. Some thoughts from the grave to the brave

You want to advertise your business. So you’ve signed up with an online business directory or similar to help.

You give your basic info, and because you’re paying for it, you allow them to go off and do the work for you with the expectation of being on the first page of Google for every keyword you can imagine.

What now?

You then receive an email advising you that your page has been launched and to double check it. But of course you don’t actually check it.

You’re busy and haven’t got time and again, that’s what you’re paying the people to do! Thinking of it this way is WRONG!

It’s a two way street my friends!

This is your business we are advertising. Nobody knows your business like you do.

You should always, ALWAYS, double check anything that is being published about your business.

If there is false or misleading information, or you simply don’t like what is written, double checking the page once it goes live will assist in rectifying any of these issues.

Here’s how you can get what you want!

  • Give the sales agent as much information as possible about your business. If you already have a GOOD website, advise for the team to refer to the website. Ensuring you provide as much content as possible will allow copywriters to produce correct and quality content about your business. *** Note: If you’re not happy with what’s written about your business, notify your account manager to make the changes ASAP.***
  • Think about what your customers are typing into Google when searching for your business and then choose the keywords! If you’re not sure about this, ask the team to give you suggestions. ***Focusing on particular products and service areas e.g. “Office Party Catering Parramatta” is more effective than “Catering Sydney”.***
  • Use all the features of the page – send though images, video, logo, flyers, add a coupon, send through articles or anything else that you have that is relevant to your business.
  • If the page you are advertising with has a REVIEWS options, use this to the max! Reviews/testimonials feature allows you to post the feedback from your customers and if you use (or add in) your keywords and locations, this greatly assists in your pages performance. ***Try and add at least one review weekly or fortnightly for effective results. ***
  • Link your personal page to any other advertisements or even social media pages. E.g. your dLook page will have hyperlinks going to your website. You should also have a link on your website going back to your dLook page. ***This is called “back link strategy” which gives both websites more integrity or “juice” and enhances both the pages performance.***
  • Keep an eye on your page and make sure you are happy with it. We are not mind readers and we don’t know anything about your business. If there are ever any changes to be made or you want to re-fresh a page, let the team or account manager know.

Remember, we want your page to work, but it’s all the extra bits and pieces that build the path to success!

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