How to Complete Your Extra Information Page

So you’ve signed up for a listing on dLook business directory and received an email containing your user id and password. The following steps will walk you through the procedure of completing your “extra information” page.

1. Go to the dLook home page, and select “Login” from the top menu bar.

dLook Menu

2. On the login page you will see a yellow box that says “dLook Business Login – existing businesses click here to login to dLook Administration” – click on this link.

dLook Business Login

3. Enter your user id (including the dash) in the user id field, and then the password in the password field. Press the pink login button.

dLook Business Login

4. This will take you to the Administration Console main page and you will now see an Administration sub-menu under the main menu bar. Selecting “My dLook” will take you to the Admin Console main page at any time. “My Quotes” will allow you to view the quotes you have received. My Coupons will allow you to load a coupon (for Premium Business Listings, this will be mailed out monthly to our coupon database).

dLook Administration Menu

5. Select “My Details”. Firstly you will see a section entitled “Update Business Logo”. Here you can upload a logo image that is stored on your computer. The maximum size for your logo is 216 pixels wide by 96 pixels high.

Select the browse button and this will open up a window that will let you locate the image. Select the image you want in this window (i.e. click on it to select) and then click the “open” button. It is very important that you press the Save My Logo button before you move to the next section. Your logo will appear in the viewing window to the right of the “browse” button.

dLook Business Details - logo

6. The “Update Business Details” section contains all the information that will appear on your “extra information” page. More than likely, the top fields will be complete from when you added your listing, but it is important to check that all the information is complete and accurate.

dLook Business Details - Contact Information

7. Next you will see a section entitled “Business Description”. This area is where you add all the text about your business. DON’T BE LAZY! Here’s your opportunity to make a lasting first impression! You will also notice that you can do some basic formatting on the text in this area, such as bold, italics, underline, bullet points and numbered list (if you hold your mouse over these icons there is a brief description of each function).

dLook Business Details - Extra Information

8. The next fields allow you to enter your trading hours, certifications (any qualifications or licences that you or your business holds), the products you sell, the services you provide and the types of payments you accept.

9. It is extremely IMPORTANT that when you have completed the details you press “Save My Business Details”. You will see a message under your business description saying “* This description will be reviewed before it is publicly viewable“. This will generally happen very quickly but may take longer overnight or on weekends.

10. For premium business listings, the last section to fill in is the business “Category & Keyword Details”. More than likely you will have selected your category / categories during the sign up process, but you can make any changes here. Select the link and make any changes. Please note that any changes to keywords will go in to a queue to be reviewed, and will seem to “disappear”. This is perfectly normal, and when the keywords are approved they will re-appear.

dLook Categories and Keywords


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