58% of Australian Households are Online

Results from the 2006 Census have shown that 58% of Australian households have internet access. Given that the population of Australia is 19,855,289 (living in 7,986,165) households, this indicates that 11,516,018 Australians had access to the internet (as at August 2006). This was also reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Furthermore the results showed that 37% of all Australian households, or 7,346,457 Australians, connect to the internet via Broadband connection.

It’s no wonder that online advertising has increased by 66%.


One response to “58% of Australian Households are Online

  1. This is true not only for online advertising but a lot of other things, almost all activities of Australians are now moving online from offline. The other day I came across this site – http://www.myhiresite.com.au – where moms are renting stuff like baby prams and toys from other moms whose kids have grown, girls are hiring wigs, etc. in their neighborhoods and ALL JUST SITTING AT HOME! Great new concept – shows how internet has become an indispensable part of the life of Australians….

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